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X20 oil powered hexadecopter UAV

X20 oil powered hexadecopter UAV


Maximum endurance:120min(No load)

Empty weight:35kg

Maximum flight altitude:1000m

Cruising speed:>0~8m/s

Tank volume :25L

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1.1 System characteristics 

It adopts the petrol-electric hybrid power system, and is a six-rotor UAV platform with universal mounting capability. It can carry different mission loads to complete normal inspection, two-dimensional/three-dimensional aerial survey, special equipment transportation and other tasks. The platform has full autonomous flight capability, as shown in Figure 1. The system has the following technical characteristics:
1) Excellent overall performance and high aircraft control accuracy;
2) High reliability and mature technology;
3) Long endurance, improve operating efficiency;
4) Strong adaptability, supporting a variety of task loads;
5) The system is flexible in deployment and easy to use.

Typical application field

Equipped with reconnaissance pods, aerial photography equipment and emergency disposal devices, it can be widely used in environmental monitoring, reconnaissance and surveillance, danger detection, technical investigation, border patrol, search and rescue, road monitoring, earthquake relief and other fields.

System composition

Aircraft platform is the main platform of UAV flight, which mainly provides flight ability and loading function. By the body structure, power plant, electrical equipment and so on.
The flight control and management subsystem is the core system for UAV to complete the whole flight process, such as take-off, flight, mission execution and return landing. It can control and manage UAV. Complete tasks such as flight mission formulation, mission data loading, UAV ground and air working status monitoring and control, and flight parameter recording. Complete the remote control, remote measurement, tracking and positioning of UAV and the information transmission of mission equipment, and realize the remote control of UAV and airborne mission equipment.

The sub-system of mission equipment is installed according to the application purpose. The mission loads that can be carried by the UAV include: tilting camera, photoelectric pod, etc., which can be changed according to the mission requirements. The ground control station can realize real-time monitoring and recording of mission equipment information, complete reconnaissance, communication and intelligence analysis and distribution.

The communication and data link subsystem is divided into ground data link and airborne data. The ground data link mainly completes the sending and receiving of the remote control instructions from the ground control station to the UAV, which can be used to transmit the instructions of the ground operator, guide the UAV to fly according to the instructions of the ground personnel, and control the mission equipment. Airborne data is mainly used to complete the telemetry and load data from the UAV to the ground station, which is used to transmit the attitude, position, working state of airborne equipment, current remote control command and real-time image of the UAV.
The ground control station and support system mainly complete the remote control, telemetry, tracking and positioning of UAV and the information transmission of mission equipment, and realize the remote control of UAV and airborne mission equipment. It is composed of ground control station, remote control, monitoring car (optional) and ground power supply. The support system mainly completes the transportation, daily maintenance and repair of the UAV system. The support equipment consists of an integrated portable box, ground charging and discharging equipment, spare parts, and delivered tools.

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Maximum take-off weight:224kg

Wind resistance:Level 5

Cruising speed:15m/s

Battery time (depending on load):25min

Maximum load:100kg

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